Series 6110 Multispring Diaphragm Actuators

The Series 6100 Diaphragm actuators has been designed to control accurately the flow and pressure of fluid in response to demand of fine process control as well as various plant systems. These actuators have been developed for powerful and high performance pneumatic actuating of linear motion valves as well as rotating valves. It consists of four springs which are produced for high stiffness that is defined as the ability of the actuator to with stand suddenly changing dynamic force of fluids acting on the valve stem. The action of valves can be changed by removing of the cap and four mounting bolts, turning the actuator over, and replacing the cap.

♦   Reliability
♦   High Power
♦   Full Response
♦   Low Hysteresis
♦   Field Reversible
♦   Multi spring construction
♦   One Piece spindle on top and bottom dry bushing guide
♦   Low stressed alloy steel springs.

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Series 6110 Multispring Diaphragm Actuators

♦   Oil and Gas Industries
♦   Chemical Plants
♦   Paper Industries
♦  Food & Beverages
♦  Power Plants

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