Series 6200 Pneumatic Actuator

The Series 6200 Rotary piston actuator is designed to operate rotating valves, such as Ball valves, Butterfly valves and Plug valves for throttling or on-off service. This actuators are unique linkage type which converts linear motion torque at beginning which usually corresponds to the closed position of valves, and another peak of torque is produced at 60 degree of valves which correspond to the dynamic torque.

♦   Ideal high torque
♦  Reliability
♦  Low hysteresis
♦  Light weight
♦  Easy maintenance
♦  Double acting and spring return acting
♦  Single piston and double piston
♦  Wide selection of optional accessories available
♦  Wide adjustable range (maximum rotating angle - 110°)

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Series 6200 Pneumatic Actuator

♦   Oil and Gas Industries
♦   Chemical Plants
♦   Paper Industries
♦  Food & Beverages
♦  Power Plants

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