Series 9110 Control Valves

The Series 9110 control valve has been developed to provide a cost effective solution to the “final control element” used in modern plants. The valve design combines the successful high integrity features of the series 9110 with a high capacity, economic design philosophy as well as excellent control.

♦   High Cv to body size ratio
♦   Streamlined flow passages to optimize capacity
♦   High Cv to valve weight ratio
♦   Excellent flow control rangeability
♦   Multi trim sizes available
♦   Full range of body and trim material options
♦   Fully rationalized and interchangeable features
♦   Full range of bonnet and packing designs to suit various temperatures and fluids

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Series 9110 Control Valves

♦   Oil and Gas Industries
♦   Chemical Plants
♦   Paper Industries
♦   Food & Beverages
♦   Power Plants

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